Couples Self Massage Seminar

Couples Self Massage Seminar

Give your mate the gift of Massage for Christmas of Birthday! 

Learn from the Best! 

Join us for an amazing experience that you can use for a lifetime. This 2 & a 1/2  hour seminar of couples instruction will enable couples to learn some very easy to implement and basic massage therapy techniques that they can use on each other on a daily basis. Adding intimacy & relaxation to your equation, this new learned skill can be a nice addition. This hands on experience will be fun & educating and you can go home & practice right away!! The more practice the better your craft!   

This relaxed atmosphere will include refreshments and all the tools, materials, hands out, and equipment necessary to successfully learn to provide a better massage to your mate. You will even take home a gift /goody bag with massage oils & essentials for use at home. 

 We start with a 20 minute consultation to determine what each person wants to gain from the seminar, discuss and note any medications, problem areas, of concern or injuries & ailments we should be aware of before starting.

Seminar Itinerary

15 Minute Overview discussing benefits of massage, breathing techniques, endangerment areas, contraindications for massage, relaxation strokes, and destressing strokes.

30 Minute Professional Massage For Her

20 Minutes Hands on for Him

30 Minutes Professional Massage For Him

20 Minutes Hands on for Her.

10 Minutes Q & A

10 Minutes Homework requirements & Continuing Education assignments.

This seminar is not for medical use and it does not warrant any medical claims, it is solely for personal use and should be used recreationally. The professional massages in this seminar are administered by licensed or certified massage therapist.

About Our Instructor: with over 18 years of experience, servicing over 5000 Chicagoans you are in good hands.

Pay before November 1st for a Free Complimentary 50 Minutes Couples Massage, to be used on another visit. 

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